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It is So Important to Know what is Wrong with LeafMould Compost. Why it is a Contradiction in Terms. You need Organic Leaf Mould

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What Is LeafMould Compost

MAY 25 2021

You cannot have LeafMould Compost! It just is not possible. LeafMould is formed `by a long cold process and this is what makes it totally natural and full of nutrients and life. Compost is formed by fast hot action. The all important Mould cannot form. The goodness in the Mould is there for good! In compost everything is temporary. Good Leaf Mould is supplied alive with moisture supporting that life. So when you see the label LeafMould compost you can be sure something is not right. You will not be getting that alive medium of micronutrients and microorganisms. The Health givers to all plant life.
Applying chemicals to a plant is mostly a waste of money. Plants get all the chemicals they need from the soil, from the air and from rainwater. Most independent experts believe that using chemicals damages the biodiversity of your garden. Look after the plants and  soil organically and health will abound. As long as you grow the right plants for the soil you have. If you wish to grow plants not suitable for your soil you can do so in containers. Then the biodiversity of your potting medium must be rich. Use inert  potting composts which have been stored in bags for months and results will be average at best. This is why we supply you with live leaf mould and potting mediums.Basically this means it has been stored so a small amount of rainwater reaches it and it is full of natural organic activity. To keep the biodiversity going especially in pots it is beneficial to use a true organic fertiliser. This fertiliser needs to be full of natural life and organic matter which attracts beneficial life to it. Which is the reason we supply such a fertiliser always freshly made with leafmould extract as its main constituent.The method by which the goodness is extracted is of utmost importance so as not to destroy its organic life. No heat should be used as this will do the damage.The extract must be gained via cold pressing.

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Composted Bark & LeafMould

MAY 25 2021

Composted Bark is second only to LeafMould and can be cheaper because it can be produced in Months instead of years. It is not composted in the same way as Commercial Compost you buy from Garden Centres. It can be made in cool conditions. Just not in huge piles which generate massive heat to make the rotting process quick..However that is precisely how commercial composted bark is produced and is pretty much lifeless.Our Premium Organic Compost Bark  is formed cold and is full of life.We add our organic fertiliser to the mix to encourage all forms of organic life into our composted bark.This is exactly the same way we produce our Leaf Mould.Our bark must be done on the cool side so does take longer. The heat that is generated by large piles speeds up the process but destroys all that organic life.Another cold process we use is cold pressing. Cold pressing is completely organic and is a process exactly as it says. You want the goodness from plant life but you want to retain all the organic extracts undamaged. The very best way is by using pressure  without any heat.This is the way good food supplements are made.Some try to maintain that chemicals are just as good in their own way but it is not true.Chemicals can never encourage the organic life to thrive  in your soils and composts. They can only have a short-term effect when they are applied to plant life

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Well Rotted organic manure

MAY 25 2021

Organic Manure vs Commercial Manure. The single most important thing about manure is it should only ever be applied to the surface when used in the garden. In pots you can mix very well rotted manure into topsoil and compost.The reasoning is that matter dug into the soil acts like a sump and damages root health. In a pot it is different because moisture drains away easily. As long as you have placed drainage material at the bottom. The larger the pot the more important this is as larger pot takes longer to dry out if water is not running away.
Just like Leaf Mould the product needs to be live. Meaning it must have been kept moist for a considerable length of time, preferably in contact with the soil. This allows microrganisms and micronutrients to build up and this is what makes any product fertile. This would be called Organic Manure because nature has added to it and been allowed to maintain the qualities. Now there is nothing stopping commercial providers of manure  from providing Organic products but they really need to be date stamped. This allows the buyer to see how long ago it was packaged and decide how much life may be in the Manure.The way we do this at is to bag only to order. This way natures chain is not broken and  Organic Manure,Leaf Mould,or Composted bark is supplied.

Organic Fertiliser With LeafMould

MAY 25 2021

We now sell a totally organic fertiliser which feeds the soil and the plant, cures and prevents many plant diseases and actively deters insects. Also contains Extracts from LeafMould.
An organic fertiliser should not just feed the plants. This is just a quick fix and scientists have proven there is very little difference using ordinary fertiliser and using nothing at all. 
How can that be? Well because all the basic nutrients are all aound the plant.Just look around at plants self seeded in wild places flowering like mad.All the basics are in the air and in rainfall and in the soil.
What you the gardener needs to provide is the right constituents to give rapid healthy disease free results. 
So this is what our Leaf Mould fertiliser is designed to do. It promoted rapid growth.It helps fight diseases and most importantly, promotes worm activity. This is the Big achievement we have made!
Why is leafmould extract used? Because it is the same as penicillin! It is a mould and contains virtually everything plants and your soil need. In Our fertiliser there is everything to support healthy life in your garden.
Later we will run through the other ingredients in our Organic fertiliser and what they provide for the soil and plant.

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It is all about. ORGANICS & Life

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Latest News

June 1 2022

Just returned from holiday in Portugals Algarve. We have been going there for 16 years.In fact we own an apartment over there.That was done from the sale of my business after my horrific accident. Luckily as it happens Portugal is arguably one of the most organic countries in the world.Because of this you do not see lots of insect damage on cultivated or wild plants. This fits well with our Leaf Mould policy of ALL ORGANIC. No chemicals touch our plants or soil and insect damage is generally minimal. Organic nature has this magical way of balancing everything out. If you do not already practise total organics then waste no time in learning to do so. The way inflation and food shortages are going you may well be needing to grow your own vegetables and salad crops.
At Leaf Mould we will try to use News 2 and Organic items to talk more about Organics.
PLEASE Scroll down to learn about our LeafMould before you go to our shop. You do need to know what is good and what is not good.

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News 2

June 6 2022

I often get questions about amending or changing the soil. My answer is you cannot and should not try to change your soil. If you do try the results will not be what you anticipate. It is Human Nature to grow what your soil cannot accommodate. The way bro do this is to grow those plants in Pots using sound Organics. This means to feed plants in pots not fertilise. The difference is use Leafmould to plant in which will promote activity in the soil medium. To keep this going feed with an Organic fertiliser.
Going back to changing the soil. You will make a rod for your back and never achieve your aims. You cannot Buck Nature. You can only improve what you have again using sound organic principles. Fertilising alone is not your need. Feeding both plant and soils! This is done by using organic matter to raise the level of Micro-organisms and minerals in the soil. The very best Organic matter bar none is Leaf mould and close behind is the cheaper composted bark. A mixture of the two is also very good.
Then you must grow the right plants for your soil type. Right plant right place. Often this only happens with trial and error. There are books on this subject but they are often not right. What works in theory does not always work out in the real word.
If you cannot afford to mulch all your soil you can just do it around your plants. Never pile up around the stem of the plant.Form a dish around the plant with the centre's of the dish close to the stem

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Trimming Leaves

Organic items

January 5 - June 13, 2026

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Virtual Workshop

January 5 - June 13, 2026

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Totally Enriching!

Scientists have proven that Leaf Mould beats all other mediums for plant health and growth.Plants grow faster and healthier with leaf mould added to your growing medium. It is best to add it to other soil products as indeed does nature. Nature adds it to the natural soils present on the ground thus feeding those hungry trees.Nature says "No Waste". Re-use everything!Man should and must begin to follow. Wait for governments and you will wait forever! Why is that? After all they have introduced a multitude of environmental taxes! To be fair it is all about peoples jobs. After all they cannot just shut down the entire plastics industry.Although we wish they could.
Back to Leaf Mould because it rots down to almost nothing it is difficult or impossible to get hold of commercially.At we have bucked that idea but it was not easy.It is not cheap but luckily we can add it to other things to make it go further without reducing its potency. Just as nature intended.Good topsoil is the one that should be present both in pots and the ground, when planting! Next should be either garden compost or organic composted bark for acid loving plants.In smaller quantities.Well Composted Manure.Must be well composted to get rid of harmful pathogens etc.

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About Us

My Name is Ken Jefferies. I started this site because I am disabled and it gave me some activity.Big money is not the object.Teaching organic is me.Many do not realise how chemicals bind up the soil and it is not able to feed the plant. The Motto must be "Feed the soil"

.Our very own Acer/Japanese Maple Named "Smokee" Because of its smoky pink colour in Spring.As with all plants LeafMould is the best mulch and feed you can give it! There is nothing finer on earth.Scientific fact! Other really beneficial products are chipped bark,Composted bark, garden compost, graded topsoil and Manure. All help and add structure to the soil which increases biological activity and micro-organisms.This all helps the plant feed naturally as nature intended. In nature the plant deposits its waste and this rots down naturally and feeds the soil and the plant. We just mimic nature and since we want tidiness and clear up the plant debis we must add the correct mulch around our plants. It does not have to be the whole bed just around the plant root area.

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Hello you probably came to buy leaf mould.You can do so by clicking on more above right and then shop

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Organic a Way of Life

Commit to Action! Now.Go Organic!

Why Is Turning to Organic Gardening so important and almost a religion to some.Why all this Leaf Mould,all this Manure,composted bark and Garden Compost. Is it necessary, really! Well for many years after the second world war chemicals were hailed as the saviour of mankind.You could grow your crops  and then refertilises the soil in a heartbeat.No more letting fields lie fallow for 3 years.
Well guess what it was not the answer chemicals were binding up the nutrients in the soil.They were no longer available to the plants.Wildlife particularly insects were being adversely affected. People started to realise things had to change.That change meant following what nature intended.The soil needed proper feeding and structuring. You will see the whole concept of the site is around Leaf Mould,Manure,Compost,Garden made in particular, composted bark. These are all things that nature adds to the soil in one way or another. They are non pollutants and they feed and nourish the soil and thus  the plants you grow. If you grow edible crops this way your health will be vastly improved. The wildlife in you garden will thrive if you do not use chemicals. The natural order of things will be restored to your land. Just think if everybody and every business turned to Organics in one way or another. What an effect it would have for mankind!
Of course just as important is not polluting our land with unnatural packaging.We need to call our governments to order and demand something is done now! There is no need for all this plastic to be used. Other compostable packaging has always been available. This packaging could be going into our compost bins not sent off to pollute pollute other countries. Organic is in everything and we have to do much, much more


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Learn as We Grow

February 2018

We will be starting with a page al about LEAFMOULD. Since this is our main product we want to teach you ALL about it!
How is it made?
Why have I been unable to buy it?
How long does it take to produce?
Etc etc! Look out for it in February.

Growing Plants

Our Own Leafmould Products

Starting February 2018

We produce our own Gardening Gold. Plants grow better and faster in leafmould than in any other product, according to official research. We produce different products for Flowering Plants,or Fruiting/vegatable growing. Acid loving/Calcium

Potted Plants


March 2018

Maples or Acers are our passion and we grow many of them. We have been learning about them for over 15 years. They are one of the most diverse and wonderfull plants on the planet. 
We will be doing a page all about them. Look out for further News!

Our Products Education

You need Learn before you buy

You are almost certainly here after searching one of our main keywords. They are Leaf,Mould,Compost,Topsoil,Bark. You need to learn what product you need for whatever it is you want to grow. It will nearly always be a mix of two or more of those five keyword products. For example if you want to pot up or plant acid loving plants .We will have a page with all the information you need to help you pick the correct product. For normal plants (calcium loving) there will be a page and all the information to help you.
This is a real school of learning. if you are reading this at this time early february 2018 the site is only just starting but we hope to grow it fasts please keep checking.

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Lush Plants

Upcoming Article,leaf mould

February 2018

Upcoming will be a page all about leaf mould.How to make it suitable for potting up plants.Rather than a rough medium to chuck on your borders. Leaf Mould is the ultimate organic garden product, there is nothing better for plants as long as it is done right.A lot of gardeners make their own but many do not have the time or space to make it. The biggest problem is it can take up to three years to turn it into a suitable potting compost. That is why it generally is not commercially available. Other products can enhance the leaf mould, improving the consistency and water draining.A good free draining graded topsoil can be added, or composted bark

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January 1, 2023

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Local Gardening School Wins High Praise

January 1, 2023

This is your News Article. Add a full article, a blog post, or a memo with an exciting update regarding your school. Choose a great image or photo to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement! Keep it interesting and relevant so that your readers read it through till the very end.

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