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Assuming you know nothing.)r very little.What is Leafmould

After the earth was born/created depending on your  belief plant life was needed to make the earth alive and fertile.Now soil is needed to grow plants.So which came first soil or plants. Well the only thing we know is rock is part of soil so erosion of rock has to happen.
Vegetation was then needed to turn the soil eroded rock into soil.Now by accident/inteligent design. You choose which! the Earth was made self cleaning and Renewable.In other words everything lives dies and gets returned it original components so that the whole life business can happen almoner again. What an amazing accident/design, that was.
1)So there are many forms of life but leaves of all kinds  are nour concern on this page.
Leaves enable plants to breath, absorb light and gather airborne nutrients.
2) Leaves are either evergreen meaning they do not drop in winter. Or they are deciduous which means the plant goes to sleep and causes its leaves to fall, These leaves will die. If they did not rot the plants would keep producing new ones and after several billion years, we would be,Well above our ears in them!
3) So by accident or design they were made to rot. This is a process where they break down into their component parts helped mostly by rain and the elements it collects as it falls  from the skies.
4) the leaves have many elements in them plus oils which means they take years to decompose. Up three years and more for some heavy duty ones.
As it happened some more help was 
needed and insects and worms came along to aid the process. 

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