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10 Litre bag Leaf Mould

10 Litre bag Leaf Mould

Best added  to Topsoil (This is how nature does it on the woodland floor) You can buy small bags of premium quality topsoil very resonably now from garden centres and bargain stores. LeafMould is best in 1part to 1part topsoil and 1 part garden or bagged compost). For acid plants add composted bark. Postage  Is Inclusive
No International Post Offered

Try some Magic! Our Made to Order Totally Organic Fertiliser/pest control In One! One for Acid Lovers and One for for normal Plants! Shipping UK Mainland Only

  • Care of Product

    If not using your LeafMould immediately,remove from bag and pour into a large enough plant pot. Keep in a cool location (preferably on soil) and cover to stop moisture evaporating.Check weekly to make sure product is not drying out. Add water sparingly if needed.This is a live product.

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