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LeafMould 2kg/ 5 litres

LeafMould 2kg/ 5 litres

Price Reduced.Small trial bag.For shipping this bag needs to be 2kgs about 5 litres1 bag of our premium leaf mould.This is real Leaf Mould (Not Leaf Mould Compost.Which is compost! Very different!) It is best to mix with topsoil,composted bark, well rotted manure or garden or commercial compost. So your bag will go a lot further. If you use just pure leaf mould it can get rather claggy around the roots.Best mix 1 part leaf mould,1 part topsoil and 1 part garden compost. For acid loving plants use composted bark instead of the compost (or as well as if you prefer).To keep the goodness going use our fertiliser after 4 -6 weeks after potting up.Postage is Inclusive.
No International post offered UK Mainland Only

  • Care instructions

    Our leaf mould is sent to you live. Not dried out.If you are not going to use it all immediately. Remove product from bag into a large enough plant pot. Place in a shady spot and cover with plastic bag or similar. Check regularly and add a little water if needed. Just keep it moist not wet so organisms can thrive.

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