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Organic Liquid Leafmould Fertiliser

How to make a live Liquid Organic fertiliser

Anybody can claim they have made an organic fertiliser! However unless certain criteria are met the fertiliser will go stale if solid and wrapped in plastic.Or liquid and nothing is done to keep the liquid live.
At LeafMould we have developed ways of keeping the fertile live inside a plastic bottle.The first and most vital step is good clean rainwater. This rainwater needs to be stored in the right type of container at least over night. The container must be made of a material which attracts organic life.(Sorry but this is a trade secret). The rainwater needs to be in the right condition before going into a bottle. Secondly before going in the bottle you have to add the ingredients of your organic fertiliser. We use extracted Matter from the Leaf Mould. This must be done by cold pressing so none of the      natural organic life is destroyed.Cold process is the only method for this.Then we add a secret organic form of sugar from an exotic climate. This aids the fertiliser to stay fresh for a good length of time. Next we add Organic Blackstrap Molasses too the liquid.The molasses acts in two ways.

1 )It contains many absorbable  elements for the plant feed.
2) It acts as a very good insect repellant.
This needs to be gently warmed first to   make it viscous. After this organic liquid  seaweed is added.The benefits of organic seaweed are well known.Next is Neem oil. Not well known for its plant benefits.There are three major uses for neem oil by a plant.

1) As long as it is cold pressed oil it will have organisms for the plant to absorb.
2) It acts as a fungal killer of many plant diseases.
3) It acts as a very effective insect repellant
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