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LeafMould Liquid Fertiliser

LeafMould Liquid Fertiliser

Price is inclusive of Postage
This will keep your plants growing well
 contains purely natural products.
Extracted LeafMould Tincture. Molassess (Pure organic forms).Sea Weed.
There is nothing to disturb the rythms of the plant cycle. It cannot burn the roots. Is best sprayed if you have the time.
Best used in the season you buy (all Liquid fertilisers should state this but few do.).It can always be used up at the end of the growing season by watering onto all your potted plants and those in the ground. The plants tend to store this late natural feed up and use it when new growth starts. There is nothing here to cause soft growth and frost damage. Plants use natural nutrients to their own advantage.Price includes Postage
Shipping UK Mainland Only

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