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Autumn the Magical Time in Your Garden

With Autumn arriving it should be a busy time in your garden.Potting up for Autumn Winter colour, putting new plants into borders, preparing beds for next spring, feed plants through autumn to build them up for a great start in Spring etc.It is a time of  Fruits and berries a time to reflect and plan.
What worked and what did not this summer.Potting up Spring flowering bulbs and plants gives you hope beyond the coming winter.
Autumn is the time to introduce Leafmould and  feed plants and get them ready for their first flush in Spring (stop feeding before the first frosts). Mulching borders and plants in pots is so important. With plants in pots remove  weeds and scrape some soil of the top, then add a layer of Leafmould to introduce new organic life into the soil in your pots.Do this in Autumn and you will reap the benefits for your potted plants next spring. Give them a feed of Leafmould Organic fertiliser at the same time to encourage even more life. Live,Fresh,Leafmould is the only product which actually works because it has organic life just as nature intended. You can only get it from us because it is so difficult to produce and bring to market.Lots of dedication and year round work is needed.

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Snowdrops Love LeafMould!

Strolling Into Spring With LeafMould Every year we start our stroll into Spring as early as late January. Every January almost without fail you will see snowdrops start to flower.The earth is starting its motions of generation and re-generation. Something causes these dainty but tough bulbs to send up Life.Your calendar still declares it is Winter but something is "occurring". Naturally many bulbs ally themselves to trees.This is because of the protection supplied by the fallen leaves and the fertility of the soil caused by previous Leaf Fall!Those leaves have broken down to the richest natural substance on earth,LeafMould. Those early snowdrops have tapped into the rhythms of the Earth and have sensed the Earth's Spring. So may people nowadays are totally detached from Nature ,they miss so much.How many even notice the tiny flowers pushing through the Earths blanket of soil.How many even notice the trees they pass.I confess when I was young I too saw nothing. My mind was closed to all around me. Then I got married and children appeared, not necessarily in that order!I must confess.I had a garden and for me it should not just be a patch of weeds pretending to be grass. My mind strayed back to a past conversation with equally young and nature blind work mates.Somehow we whilst consuming alcohol in some Public House talked about what type of plants we liked. I remember seeing in my "minds Eye', quite uniform blobs of various shades of green. These must have been small evergreen shrubs I had passed but not really seen in customers gardens as we erected scaffolding. Shamefully many of those plants would have been badly damaged if it was in our way. So my garden started with small uniform though not necessarily evergreen shrubs,'cause they ten to be expensive. Bulbs being inexpensive went in with them and snowdrops were amongst those. Then trees became my passion and from there an interest in Natures treasure. LeafMould


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