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Autumn the Magical Time in Your Garden

With Autumn arriving it should be a busy time in your garden.Potting up for Autumn Winter colour, putting new plants into borders, preparing beds for next spring, feed plants through autumn to build them up for a great start in Spring etc.It is a time of  Fruits and berries a time to reflect and plan.
What worked and what did not this summer.Potting up Spring flowering bulbs and plants gives you hope beyond the coming winter.
Autumn is the time to introduce Leafmould and  feed plants and get them ready for their first flush in Spring (stop feeding before the first frosts). Mulching borders and plants in pots is so important. With plants in pots remove  weeds and scrape some soil of the top, then add a layer of Leafmould to introduce new organic life into the soil in your pots.Do this in Autumn and you will reap the benefits for your potted plants next spring. Give them a feed of Leafmould Organic fertiliser at the same time to encourage even more life. Live,Fresh,Leafmould is the only product which actually works because it has organic life just as nature intended. You can only get it from us because it is so difficult to produce and bring to market.Lots of dedication and year round work is needed.

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LeafMould in Autumn

You probably never thought about it but Autumn is natures drive mode. The glories of Spring and Summer have gone and nature is taking over to produce LeafMould.As the cold weather starts is believed corky growths start to block sap flowing to the leaves. This combined with cold weather changes the leaf colours. Slowly now they will start to drop. This is natures recycling program!The leaves drop to the ground forming a natural mulch around the plants roots.If this is left in place it all breaks down to form Leaf Mould. This then feeds the plant from next Spring onwards. Below is Japanese Maple Smoky just starting to change its Leaf colour. In a week or so this will be bright crimson and then the leaves will drop and mulch the roots. Leave them around the plant if possible as food source for next Spring and summer. If on the grass or paths obviously you have to clear them up. So trees in grass you really should clear the grass from around the roots to at least 2 foot. Do this and you can then rake the leaves onto this cleared area and leave them there. If you want to clear all leaves then you should make or buy LeafMould and add to the cleared area in Spring. To make your mulch go further you can add Compost Bark,Manure and a little topsoil.Top this mulch up every year and you should have the healthiest most stunning trees.The tree will be well fed more moisture will be available to the plant, This means in hot weather the tree will not become stressed and an unstressed tree produces better Autumn leaf colours and holds onto the leaves longer. A small amount of effort pays big dividends

Japanese Maple Ready to make LeafMould

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